Red Ron's Magical garden relish remedy
"Cure for the common food."

▪ Add a zesty kick to burgers, brats, hot dogs and sausages.

▪ Meatloaf – mix (½ jar) for added zing that’ll make Mom sing.

▪ Scrambled Eggs – kick start your day with a breakfast treat.

▪ Chicken – pour (½  jar) over chicken and bake.

▪ Tartar Sauce – mix with mayonnaise for a most tasty catch.

▪ Pasta Sauce – that’s Amore! Add it right to your favorite sauce.

▪ Pork Chops, Ribs or Roast – meat, relish, crockpot... heaven.

▪ Sandwiches – mix with tuna and mayonnaise to spread some joy.

▪ Pizza – top it off with a slice of fresh garden magic.

▪ Or, grab a fork and eat it right from the jar…